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Frequently asked questions

Can GUICE expire?2023-03-21T10:16:33+01:00

We have to put a date on our product because we have to… Basically it’s very hard for GUICE to expire, as long as you store it in a dry and cool place.

Don’t go throwing water and wet scoops in your tub. And don’t store it directly in the sun or place it above a steamy dishwasher! You know who you are!

Can I buy your products IRL?2023-03-21T10:17:53+01:00

We generally only sell online, but you can spot us at several (esports) events. Check our socials to stay up to date on this topic.

Can I mix GUICE with alcohol?2023-03-21T10:18:22+01:00

F*CK YES! Is it a healthy, responsible choice? DEFINITELY NOT. But we are not your parents or your doctor… so please do whatever the hell you want.

Can I snort a line of GUICE?2023-03-21T10:17:59+01:00

You can try. Wouldn’t recommend it, nor will your doctor

Do you use real fruit & vegetables?2023-03-21T10:18:07+01:00

HELL YES! We use real fruit and vegetables extracts.

How do I make GUICE?2023-03-21T10:18:52+01:00
  1. Put 750ml of water or milk in a shaker
  2. Add 1/2 to 1 scoop of GUICE
  3. Shake it (be sure to close the shaker)
  4. Drink and enjoy
  5. Within 10min you’ve got extra energy and focus
How does it work?2023-03-21T10:14:23+01:00
  1. Put 750ml of water or milk in a shaker
  2. Add 1/2 to 1 scoop of GUICE
  3. Shake it (be sure to close the shaker)
  4. Drink and enjoy
  5. Within 10min you’ve got extra energy and focus
How old do I need to be to drink GUICE?2023-03-21T10:17:49+01:00

Although rules vary per region (quite annoying!), we strongly advise not to consume any caffeinated products (e.g. coffee, energy gum, energy drinks and/or energy formulas) before the age of 16 . Your time will come! Just be patient and take care of your body and mind :). For a detailed description click here.

How to treat shakers?2023-03-21T10:17:27+01:00

We have a three months warranty on leaking. Obviously not when your dropping and throwing your shaker around like an idiot.

The shakers are all dishwasher proof. Printed logo’s do fade a lot quicker when put in dishwashers, but that’s up to you.

Steel shakers are coated. Which means hitting it against hard objects might damage the coating and it will start to peal off.

Treat your shaker how you would treat your significant other and you’ll be fine! (In most cases…)

Is GUICE expensive?2023-03-21T10:18:27+01:00

One tub of GUICE is good for 30 to 60 LITERS of energy drink. So 35* euros buys you 30 to 60 litres. That’s 0,58 to 1,16 euro per litre. That’s would be 15 to 29 cents for a 250 ml can. It’s almost like we’re giving it away for free…

*Based on 9% sales tax and no discounts.

The 10 GUICE benefits2023-03-21T10:18:46+01:00
  1. Low in calories: 17kcal on 750ml
  2. Energizing: 23+ vitamins & minerals
  3. No crash: no high sugar levels
  4. Easy to carry around: light weight, no liquids
  5. Refreshing: delicious natural flavours
  6. Larger servings: 750ml per serving
  7. Shaker that actually make sense: 1 scoop is 1 full shaker
  8. You’re in control: adjust the dose to your liking
  9. More is better: 40 x 750ml servings (30 litres)
  10. Delicious flavours: flavours based on feedback from the community
What about my allergies?2023-03-21T10:17:10+01:00

Allergies suck. Although our products don’t contain any of the below ingredients, we do use factory lines that might be in the same building ad any of the below ingredients.

May contain traces of gluten, egg, soy & milk. This is because we use a facility that is also used to produce other products.

We use real fruit and vegetables, but we use its extract. We’ve seen people with pineapple allergy being able to drink our Tropical flavour. Do handle with extreme care, because these results differ per person.

Always consult a medical professional first.

What ingredients are in GUICE?2023-03-21T10:18:17+01:00

Since the list of vitamins and minerals per flavour is already half a f*cking page long and ingredients differ per product, we advise you to go to your product and scroll down.

What sweetener does GUICE use?2023-03-21T10:19:51+01:00

Mainly sucralose, but in rare cases we add a bit of stevia.

When not to use GUICE?2023-03-21T10:17:17+01:00

When you’re at your daily limit (400mg of caffeine), under 16, pregnant, have a heart condition or high blood pressure.

Dietary supplements should also not be use as a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Always consult a medical professional first. And most of all, use your brain, don’t be an idiot!


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