Shipping Policy

Import Tax

Anyone in a schengen country doesn’t have to pay import tax.

For the other countries GUICE will pay customs cost, but not the import tax or VAT.

Delivery Defects

After we’ve handed over your parcel it up to the forwarder to deliver the parcel. Our parcels are insured and we’ll guarantee delivery, however we can’t guarantee the forwarder delivers to schedule, unfortunately delays do occur.

We do guarantee delivery of your products IF your address and name are correct AND when any issue occur (e.g. no delivery, damaged products etc.) are reported within 20 days of order placement.

What to do if an order doesn’t arrive?
Reply to your order confirmation with the issue. We’ll file a report with the forwarder. Depending on their reply we’ll come with a solution (e.g. parcel will still be delivered, we’ll ship again or your order will be refunded)

What if you have damaged or missing goods?
If the damage is already visible on the outside of your parcel, take a picture of the parcel. And visible damage when opening your parcel should be documented as well. Add the pictures and a picture of the shipping label as a reply to your order confirmation. These pictures are necessary to claim the damages with the forwarder.

What if the forwarder says your parcel is delivered, but your didn’t receive anything?
This is always a yes or no discussion, therefore there is a basic procedure in place with almost all of our forwarders. Just reply to your order confirmation and we’ll send you a form. This needs to be filled out as an official statement you didn’t receive your order. We’ll file the complaint/report with the forwarder.