Minimum age for GUICE

What is GUICE and from which age are you allow to consume it?

In our opinion this requires a bit more explanation than the short answer: by Dutch law from any age, but it’s not recommended under 13.

GUICE is basically vitamin water with caffeine flavoured as normal drinks. The dose caffeine is lower per 100ml, but the absolute volume of the drink is higher. GUICE at its core is healthy, only caffeine is a less healthier substance. When we talk about if you should or shouldn’t drink it in regards to someone’s age, we mainly talk about caffeine.

Because GUICE is a formulae you mix yourself, the amount of caffeine depends on the amount you use. Many of our customers use half a scoop with 750ml of water. For the comparison we’ll use a full scoop, since that is how it was originally intended.

A comparison:
Cup of coffee 70mg caffeine per 100ml
Senseo 80mg caffeine per 100ml
GUICE 27mg caffeine per 100ml

What intake of caffeine is safe for kids and youngsters?

Kids under the age of 13 are not recommended to use any energy drinks or coffee because these products contain a relatively high amount of caffeine. Youngsters between 13 and 18 are recommended to limit the use to 1 cup of coffee or can of energy drink per day.


For this reason GUICE doesn’t recommend more than half a scoop per day if your between the age of 13 and 19. This way you limit your caffeine intake.

This concludes the factual part.

Jorrit, one of the owners at GUICE:

At the moment of writing I’ve got a 15 year old sister (I’m 37). With my sister and parents we’ve made the deal she can have half a scoop per shaker (750ml water).  She’s allowed one every other day and never after dinner.

When she was 13 we tried denying any caffeine, but I found she would go and buy cans of Monster on her school breaks. Both my parents and I were of the opinion that this would be way worse since it also added a ton of sugar.

These things remain a delicate point and are up to parents and the way they raise their kids. We’re happy our product comes in lager containers, limiting the use of our products in secret.